non-toxic, affordable, sensuous earthen architecture


Humanity has used clay from the earth to create shelter for thousands of years. Yet our rush for modern, industrialized building materials leaves behind toxic structures devoid of natural beauty and soul. Natural buildings emphasize use of local, raw materials, grounding them in place, their design responding to seasons, sunlight and living. Rustic materials create a healthier environment for builders and occupants. Beauty emerges as willing hands shape materials harvested directly from the earth into the living soul of an earthen building.

Cob...a mixture of clay, sand and straw blended by dancing feet, and sculpted into homes, garden walls, ovens and anything else you like.

Cob Comprehensive Workshop

Sat., May 8, 1:00 pm to Sat., May 15, 2010, 2:00 pm
Dripping Springs, TX

Join us for a week of natural building education and sustainable living immersion in the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country. The hands-on curriculum is designed to give participants a full outline of what it takes to complete a simple cob project. Including: choosing a site, finding/harvesting materials, design, budgeting, foundations, mixing, building, swimming hole selection, windows/doors, roof attachment, arches, niches, relief sculpture, plastering and earthen floors.

Our main site: a remote 5 acres tucked into the Hill County north of Dripping Springs. Expect wild flowers and a little swimming hole shared between neighbors. Chef Elena Antenelli will prepare scrumptious vegetarian fare focused on fresh, local ingredients for each meal. We will stay on the land enjoying campfires and starry night skies. One day trip will include carpool travel to a site in Fredericksburg, TX to plaster on a nearly completed tiny cob cottage. Families welcome!

instructors: Kindra Welch, John Curry, Sara Schmidt

guest instructors: Jenny Nazak-composting toilets, Gayle Borst-design, Cathy Redson-solar, and more!

cost: $800* - price includes camping and all meals for seven days

*$100 discount for registration paid in full before April 17

*couple's price: $1300 regular, $1150 before 4/17

families welcome, email to ask about discount for kids and young adults

Questions?? Contact Kindra & John at

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