(LtoR) Chris Copp, Tiffany Gray, MaryAnn Justman,
Kindra Welch

The idea for an in depth cob workshop began brewing in the heads of Kindra and Chris about Dec 2005. In the midst of deliberations over several site options, MaryAnn casually invited the pair out to her Fredericksburg area acreage. The site, with a large owner-built house, spring fed swimming hole, fields and seclusion, was perfect. Then MaryAnn offered to cook for the workshop and Fredericksburg was chosen! Shortly afterward Chris left to volunteer for a few months in New Orleans. Meanwhile Kindra organized, advertised and registered while MaryAnn created composting toilets and planned for meals. A full course requires at least two instructors; Kindra called in her good friend and natural building comrade Tiffany Gray of Seattle, Washington who agreed to come and help make it all happen!
Buildings and Grounds Crew (LtoR) Conner, Dave, Chris, Ryan, Leigh
While volunteering in New Orleans Chris met people. And of course sooner or later he mentions some things about natural building, and some of them become interested. In particular a loose assembly of travelers, mostly from Maine, decided to devote a month of their time to find out what it is all about. Conner, Leigh, Ryan and Dave arrived in Austin early in April to trade their time and effort for a spot in the workshop. Together with Chris, Kindra and MaryAnn they singlehandedly built the foundation, organized the site infrastructure, hauled water from the creek, kept the clay pits full and generally infused the building site with activity and life. The logistical success of the workshop is entirely due to the energy and enthsiasm of the B&G crew.
The Workshop
LtoR, TtoB: Galia, Brent, Ryan, Chris, Conner, Shea, Traci, Keshi, Debbie, Tiffany, Cougar, Tricia, Kindra, Amy, Konstantine, MaryAnn, Thomas, Dave, Thomas, Stella
April 22-29,2006 we had a very successful Cob Hombuildiner Workshop. Much credit is given to the effort and input of everyone who participated at all levels. We had immense success with enough setbacks to remind us of the important lessons. Its a whole story in itself really. Check out the photos page to get a sense of our experience.

Follow Through TEAM
(LtoR) Mikel, Kerri and Travis (Lavender)

May 1-27,2006 ... the reality is that a workshop never finishes a house. After taking a few days off to let the cob dry, we went back to the site with the B&G crew and new additions Travis and Mikel. Thanks to the trust and support of MaryAnn we jumped back in and aimed for the roof. Extended gratitude to Kerri, Tiff, Chris, Dave, Conner, Leigh, Ryan, Mikel, Travis, Tim, Rick and Kindra for their conributions of artistry, hard work, patience and determination. Thanks to the devotion of everyone, our little house will get its roof.
Tricia Gorley
Tricia teaches yoga in Austin. As a hobby she studies Dr. Emoto's work with water structuring. She will guide us through incorporating water as a spiritual element in building with cob.

Randall Watts
http://www.natureaware.com... is a survival skills instructor, a tracker, a fitness trainer, and most importantly a caretaker of the earth. In 2001, feeling lost and frustrated with his life's path, he sold his possessions and returned to Nature, where he has lived ever since. With the guidance of many teachers, including Tom Brown Jr., who is a renowned tracker and student of Stalking Wolf, Randall has found a reconnection to his ancestral roots and learned to live as one with the Earth. In his own words - "When I remove myself from the busy, noisy, highly energetic environment of the city, I can reconnect with subtle energy forms that bring health, peace and inspiration to me on every level of my existence, including levels that I'm only now becoming aware of.

Frank Meyer
http://www.thangmaker.com/...has played with B.B. King, Luther Tucker and Peter Rowan to name a diverse few. He has opened shows for Christine Lavin, The Austin Lounge Lizards, John McCutcheon and many others. Sometime in the last millennium he was voted Best Bass Player in Austin. His songs range from the sensitive to the hilarious and from passionate to twisted. He also has a great collection of original children’s songs and just released his new hilarious children's record entitled "Get Serious, Mr. Pancake." Directly from the heart to the funnybone, Frank's music is medicine.
... AND he is a talented and experienced natural builder.
Gayle Borst
www.stewardshiparchitecture.com...has practiced as an architect and leader in Austin's green building movement for the last decade. Her undergraduate training as a biologist gave her a fundamental understanding of life processes that has lead to a greater depth of understanding of real sustainability, particularly with respect to systems thinking and the importance of interrelationships. It is not surprising that many of her special areas of interest — natural building materials, site-responsive design, indoor-outdoor spaces — have strong ties to the biological world. Gayle earned her Master of Architecture degree at the University of Texas, specializing in energy studies and completing her thesis on designing with daylight. This background in energy efficient architecture, combined with her biology and chemistry training, made her evolution into the specialty of sustainable design a natural one. Understanding that all things are connected, she is continuously adding to her education and experience repertoire in order to deepen and widen the sustainability she brings to a project.

Teri Finch
Teri and her husband Arie are some of central Texas' most dedicated owner builders. They began their homestead project with a cob house in 2001 (where they now live with their toddler Marie). They started their natural building education at an owner-builder workshop with Cob Cottage, but experience has been the most valuable teacher! Teri will shared pictures, advice and their process.