Cob House for Jennifer Fruth and Robert Brown
phase 2

Sept 2007 - April 2008 - northern house: studio/Roberts office, utility room, bathroom, bedroom
crew: Jennifer and Robert, Gino and Evan (foundation), Kindra, Sara, Jared, Jef Page, Kasi Munoz, Evan Lincove, Tricia Gourley, Oliver Adams, Elena Antenelli

phase 2 construction photos (click to enlarge)
late September... first three feet of cob
new faces on the crew: Jef Page, Kasi Munoz, Evan Lincove
more mixin' with the bobcat
late November...cob is almost done.
baked love from the kitchen
Dec 6, last day of cob
slicing of roundwood rafters with the chain saw and guide
Evan on chopsaw
Kasi laying in cane soffit between rafters
Kindra walks the purlins getting ready for metal roof
Nate Eicher's milling operation for second floor roof framing
Kasi cleans bark off logs with power washer
Jared bolts in the perimeter beam
rafters from native cedar (juniper)
rafters in place
Tricia :)
more river cane for upper roof
Jef cleaning cane
Sara cutting cane to length
looking up: river cane in place
sleeping porch roof almost complete
view of both houses from the pond
view of the pond from the houses
bathtub off craig's list, very heavy
foundations for interior walls
Evan on light-clay-straw
Jarrod in rough buck
Sara setting blocks for exterior stairs
Jarrod setting stain glass window
visitors Craig and Jan carrying tipi poles up the hill
window sill of salvaged Longleaf pine
sills set in Robert's office
base floor in Robert's office
pile management workshop with Gino
mixmaster Elena
Jef plastering in bathroom
traditional polenta lunch by Gino
upper roof complete
May Day bonfire to close the season