Kindra Welch, Architectural Design and Hands on General Contractor contact

Trained as an architect (B. Arts 1999,B.Arch 2001, Rice University) Kindra left school hoping to use her career to serve those with the greatest need rather than the most money. She worked with several non-profits to provide housing, design, grantwriting and community organizing services for clients with little or no funding. However the toxicity of new construction, the de-localization of building skills and over-emphasis on lawns, mortgages and government funding caused Kindra to seek another pathway. In 2004 she became an apprentice at Cob Cottage Company. The following year was spent learning/building/teaching with: Eco-village Training Center (The Farm, TN), Coenraad Rogmans at, Cobworks, Betty Seaman of Spirit Pine and Previous employers include: Alliance for Better Housing (Kennett Sqr, PA), Hamer Center for Community Design (Penn State), Design Corps (Raleigh, NC), Michael Graves Assoc.(Princeton,NJ), Page Sutherland Page (Austin, TX), Randy Moore Construction (Roundrock, TX).
FR Robert Weglarz finish carpentry and general builder, Raylene Welch cook and log peeler
BR Kerri Welch general builder, Travis Welch hopes to get off work and come play
Raylene and Bob met on an American Hiking Society Trip in 1999 and married in 2001. They share a love of camping, outdoors, wine, pie and a commitment to preserving our planet. Bob specializes in woodworking and photography, Raylene in horses and hoping for grandchildren. Kerri is currently pursuing her Ph.D at the California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco, she can discourse extensively on all things involving physics, philosophy and consciousness. Travis acts as a manager with REI in Plano, Texas; unfortunately thats a long way from the site.
Chris Copp, general natural builder
a roofer, anti-flouride activist and emerging raw foodist from Burlington, Vermont. His heros include Ghandi and Dr. David Jubb. e-mail:
Ollie Johnson, general builder
homebuilder from Angel Fire, NM. A jack-of-all-trades he helps owner-builders through the rough spots.
Mark Goldman, Onyx Construction, Taos, NM
Ned Cherry, Architect of Record, Alburquerqe, NM
Bill Druc, Druc Engineering, Santa Fe/Taos,NM

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